Bureaucrat | Entrepreneur | Co-Founder VSPL

Vivek Shrivastava

Invest your time and efforts on running your business. Leave the job to make it more efficient  using technology to me.

Vivek Shrivastava

What I do


Digital Transformation and E-Governance Strategy

 Leverage my deep knowledge of government and PSU departments, as well as experience with E-Governance and Digital Transformation projects. I offer consultancy services to help organizations plan and implement effective strategies for modernizing their operations, improving citizen services, and transitioning to digital platforms.


Customized SaaS Solutions and Mobile Product Development

I have great ability to design and lead end-to-end development of customized Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions and mobile products. I offer consultancy in developing tailored software solutions that address specific business needs, whether it’s for government departments, PSUs or private enterprises.


Solution Sales and Government Contracting Support

Capitalize on my extensive solution sales experience with government departments and PSUs. I offer consultancy services to help clients navigate the complexities of government contracting, from proposal development to contract negotiation. I can Provide guidance on how to effectively sell technology solutions to government agencies, PSUs etc.

Why work with Me

Top 3 Reasons

Vast Industry Experience

Over 30 years of experience in the IT and Telecom industry, with a diverse background in government, PSU, system integration, and technology startups. My wealth of experience translates into a deep understanding of industry trends, best practices, and potential challenges. Clients benefit from this expertise by gaining access to insights that can inform strategic decisions, mitigate risks, and identify innovative solutions.

Holistic Approach in problem solving

With a demonstrated track record of accomplishment and a positive attitude, I am a skilled complex problem solver. I possess the ability to take a holistic view of challenges, whether related to technology, operations, or people management. Clients working with me can expect comprehensive solutions that address not only immediate issues but also long-term goals, resulting in sustainable improvements and increased efficiency.

Extensive Govt/PSU Knowledge

One of the standout advantages of collaborating with me is my in-depth knowledge of government and PSU departments, E-Governance, Digital Transformation, and Smart City initiatives. This expertise is invaluable for clients seeking to engage with public sector entities or navigate government contracts and regulations. Clients can rely on me to provide guidance on tailoring strategies and solutions that align with the unique dynamics of these sectors, ultimately enhancing their chances of success.